About Pure Works – ReliefWorks™

Pure Works Mission: To visit and bring aid to world’s most vulnerable people.

ReliefWorks is a movement of individuals inspired to be involved in the international community and help their fellow man.  ReliefWorks was born out of the desire to relieve the massive humanitarian needs seen during large-scale natural disasters.

Through its ReliefWorks operation, the Pure Works Foundation provides assistance and relief to victims of disasters. Our goal is to provide aid in any form necessary and fill the gaps left by others.

Our disaster operations include:

  • Emergency medical and rescue operations,
  • Medical clinics,
  • Construction teams and consultants, and
  • Technical infrastructure services.

In addition to working in coordination with local and international teams, ReliefWorks also strives to help people in impoverished areas recover and improve their lives.

Our non-emergency operations include:

  • Medical clinics, and
  • Vocational and basic medical training.

ReliefWorks programs are completely funded by donations from our generous sponsors.  Please consider sponsoring Pure Works ReliefWorks today.


ReliefWorks is a branch of the Pure Works Foundation, a Registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

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