Tears of Joy Replace Tears of Sorrow in Ganeshthan

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In the wake of Nepal’s recent devastating earthquakes, most of the nation’s tears stemmed from loss. During ReliefWorks’ three-day deployment in Ganeshthan this week, they were tears of joy. The team treated approximately 300 patients in the small rural village northwest of Kathmandu in the Nuwakot District, receiving passionate help from 12-year-old Parisha, a local girl with aspirations of becoming …


ReliefWorks Treats Hundreds in Nuwakot

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The cliff-side road to Nuwakot, Nepal was long, winding and lined with rubble. Town after town, house after house, people picked through the devastation and attempted to pick up their lives. The ReliefWorks medical team, in coordination with partner organization IsraAID, arrived in the remote village northwest of Kathmandu early Monday afternoon and immediately set up in a nearby school. The …


ReliefWorks Lands in Kathmandu

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Following a series of devastating earthquakes that have left thousands dead and thousands more injured in Nepal, ReliefWorks, the disaster relief operation of Pure Works Foundation, landed in Kathmandu today – and immediately got to work. The team of doctors, paramedics, EMTs, and other medical professionals joined the advance team that arrived earlier this week and will head to the …

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Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal

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On Saturday, April 25, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake (and subsequent aftershocks) hit Nepal northwest of Kathmandu. Thousands are reported dead with thousands more injured and missing. The Pure Works Foundation is going to help. Pure Works, which has sent relief teams to Haiti, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines following devastating natural disasters, is coordinating relief efforts in Nepal through its ...